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Major Musiah Update Coming Early January 2022

Major update coming to Musiah piano learning app. New song library, enhanced sheet music display, audio processing, scoring, user interface & more.

Piano Library Coming Soon To Musiah

Extensive new library of piano songs in different genres soon to be added to Musiah. Sheet music of many songs you can soon learn in addition to your lessons.

Revolutionary iPad App Teaches Piano up to 16x Faster

Press Release: Today marks the iPad launch of Musiah, the world’s first and only A.I. piano lessons app with the depth of instruction of a world-class teacher.

Revolutionary iPad App Musiah – Real Piano Lessons ™ Released Today

Released today, Musiah for iPad offers comprehensive piano lessons, taking students from beginner to advanced in the shortest amount of time. Try Free.

New Feature: Student Certificates Awarded On Completion Of Each Level

Musiah piano lessons now offer a great new feature – Personalized Student Certificates. As students complete each level of the course, they are now awarded Certificates of Completion to acknowledge their successes and to encourage them to continue working hard to progress further in their Musiah piano lessons.

Holiday Highlight - Meeting Family Of Students In Person

Musiah Piano Lessons Inventor Meets Family Of Students In Person at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia