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If you’re looking for advanced piano lessons online, then I highly recommend you try Musiah piano lessons.

Below, I'll discuss some options for advanced students (i.e. students who have learned piano before) but first, let me briefly introduce you to Musiah...

Musiah piano lessons are a ground-breaking new A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) software invention bringing you the very best piano lessons.

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Musiah is the world's first A.I. piano teacher. Using the latest A.I. technology, Musiah responds to your playing just like a live teacher.

The Musiah syllabus a course of piano lessons equivalent to 5-6 years of traditional lessons that you can complete in much less time (depending on practice habits, etc) in the comfort of your own home when it suits you.

Not only are Musiah piano lessons more affordable, more convenient and more fun than traditional piano lessons... 

The latest research shows that Musiah piano lessons are so effective (particularly for advanced students) that they will have you learning piano up to 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons (watch above video for more).

By the time you have mastered the last song in the course, you will have reached approximately a Grade 5–6 standard of playing. So Musiah piano lessons certainly have enough advanced material to challenge a student who has learned piano before.

Why not try our 14 Day Free Trial and see how you go. (There is no obligation to continue, and no contracts that lock you in for a particular period of time. You can cancel whenever you like).

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I'm An Advanced Piano Student – Do I Have To Start At The Beginning?

The needs of advanced / experienced piano students of course require special consideration, so Musiah offers a range of options for students who have had piano lessons before.

There are a few things to bear in mind that will help to determine which option will best suit you...

Option 1: Starting At the Beginning (Recommended)

To be really honest with you, whenever a new teacher becomes part of the picture, e.g. a new private teacher, or a pre-determined course like Musiah, there will always be a certain amount of going over things you already know because even a private teacher will need to go over the basics to

  1. verify what you know,
  2. refresh areas that you may know but are rusty in,
  3. ascertain where any gaps in your knowledge and skills are (these can often be quite different to what you estimate / anticipate).

Additionally, Musiah has skills and techniques to impart that will benefit you right from the basics through to the more advanced areas.

So if the basics were to be 'glossed over', you would be missing out on a lot of tuition that will be ultimately be helpful, and some of the gaps in your  skills / knowledge may be either missed or at least not fully addressed.

The challenge for any advanced student is twofold — 1) patience and 2) trust.

Patience will be required because at first, you will naturally want to skip ahead to more advanced material - but this is not in your best long term interests.

And trust will be important because you will need to trust your teacher, in this case Musiah, to guide you to where you want to be... also trusting in the years of thought that have gone into every minute detail of the Musiah teaching method, the course and the software.

On the positive side, even while doing what may at first seem like material that is way too easy for you, with just a little patience, you can be assured that you will progress through it extremely quickly - while still gaining benefits.

For example, even if you know everything in the first few lessons, you are still benefiting by becoming familiar with the Musiah way of doing things such as practice habits and ways to think about things, and you are giving yourself the opportunity to become accustomed to the tasks that will be asked of you, such as playing pieces to a high standard in time with backing tracks.

And there is definitely benefit in doing this while the material is easy because, if you start straight away on harder material, the gaps in your knowledge/lack of familiarity with Musiah holistic approach will present itself as gremlins in your progress.

By far the best result will be achieved by starting at the beginning, and calmly, patiently going step by step through the course.

Then when you get to your 'true level' (which will happen quite quickly - much faster than for an actual beginner), you will have a solid foundation with no gaps and can move forward feeling good about the stability of your skill/knowledge base.

However, if the above approach (starting at the beginning) is not for you, as an alternative, there are two other options we can look at.


Option 2 — Auditioning Each Piece Without Going Through The Lessons Until You Reach Your 'True Level'

At the end of each lesson, students have to audition the piece for Musiah with a full backing track.

If the "Can skip to audition" check box is ticked on your student profile, you can audition the piece for Musiah without having to sit through the whole lesson. This is suitable for students who have learned before. (You can View / change this setting within the Musiah app by selecting 'Edit Profile' on the Main Menu).

Then when you get to a point in the course where you can no longer easily pass the auditions (e.g. if you have to attempt an audition more than 5 times), from that point onwards you should go through each lesson in its entirety.

The thinking behind this is: logically, if a student has the required skills, they should be able to easily play / sight read the easy pieces to show / prove to Musiah they have the skills to move on.

Additionally, while the early pieces may indeed be basic relative to your experience, it is helpful for most students to audition (even if you are just sight-reading) the pieces for Musiah because in so doing, you are gradually gaining familiarity with the process of playing songs for Musiah with the backing track at the required standard.

And this in turn will help you cope with the more advanced lessons when you find your 'true level'.

Options 1 or 2 are what most experienced students do, but having said that, I understand that the circumstances of each experienced student may require special consideration.



Option 3 — Manually Adjusting Your Progress

If you feel that the above options are not for you, I can manually adjust your progress to place you further into the course, skipping the early material.

I have done this from time to time for experienced students but, for the sake of a little time and patience (probably no more than a couple of weeks), I do recommend starting at the beginning.

Also, I generally recommend students try several (e.g. 10-12) lessons so they can see how the tuition evolves as they progress through the course before deciding on an alternate strategy such as jumping ahead.

To request a manual adjustment to your progress, please contact me directly and include 1-2 examples of pieces you can already play so I can gauge which level in the course will be appropriate for you.

Whichever option you choose, taking piano lessons at an advanced level with Musiah is a great way to go.

And of course, if ever you need help, please know that I am only an email away, and I will be pleased to assist you personally.

Thanks for reading,

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A.
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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