Online Piano Lessons – Do They Work?

woman in pink shirt playing piano keyboard with online piano lessons app on iPad

Online Piano Lessons Vs In Person Piano Lessons

Do online piano lessons work? And if so, how well do they work compared to in person piano lessons?

Below I'll introduce you to the various kinds of online piano lessons, compare them to regular (in person) piano lessons and guide you on what to look for when choosing the best piano lessons for you.



What are online piano lessons… and are they right for you?

There are actually several kinds of online piano lessons.

Whether one of these will suit you will depend on your individual goals, preferences and circumstances.

On the other hand, you may even prefer traditional piano lessons. Again, it depends.

Let’s first look briefly at the different kinds of online piano lessons. Then we’ll get into how to choose the right kind of piano lessons for you.


The different kinds of online piano lessons

Currently available online piano lessons include:

  1. Skype piano lessons
  2. Videos (a.k.a. piano lesson videos, piano tutorials, etc)
  3. Piano lessons apps (a.k.a piano lessons software / programs)
  4. Musiah – online piano lessons with a difference

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each kind?



1. Skype Piano Lessons

Skype Logo

These are piano lessons delivered online by regular piano teachers using Skype (or similar).

So these online lessons are very similar to traditional piano lessons where either you travel to the piano teacher’s home / studio or the teacher comes to your home (in which case they usually charge a premium for traveling to you) – except, of course, with Skype piano lessons there is no travel.

So is it the perfect solution? Not quite.

Skype online piano teachers usually charge rates that are as expensive as a regular in-situ piano teacher, but learning from them is still not the same as having a teacher sitting next to you.

Depending on the quality of your and their internet connections, there can be minor communication challenges, e.g. they may not be able to see you (or your hands) properly, there may be a lag in the audio, etc.

And, you’ll have to schedule your lessons to fit in with their availability.

But if your preference is to take lessons from a live piano teacher, and if there aren’t any good piano teachers near you, this may be a solution that could suit you.

As a guide, I usually only suggest live piano teachers / online piano teachers for students who are reasonably advanced. Why? Because advanced students have reached a level of musical knowledge and playing skills that allows them to practice effectively independent of the piano teacher between lessons.

By contrast, for beginners, one of the biggest issues with traditional piano lessons and / or online piano teachers is that from one week’s lesson to the next, students are left to their own devices.

This often results in students practicing things incorrectly or mis-learning things that then need to be corrected at the next lesson. And so, instead of spending most or all of the lesson working on new things, much of each piano lesson is often spent trying to correct things that have been learned incorrectly by the student during the week.

Additionally, for beginners, it’s hard to justify the cost of one-on-one piano lessons. In my humble opinion, I think there are better, more cost-effective approaches to learning piano for beginners – which I’ll outline below. Then, as you start to become more advanced, it may well be a natural progression to move onto personalized piano instruction from an actual teacher.


2. Video Piano Lessons

Youtube Logo

Videos (a.k.a. piano lesson videos, piano tutorials, etc) like those you might find on youtube or on specific piano lessons websites are another alternative to learning piano that may suit some students.

They’re often free or low-cost, which is a plus. But are they as good as they seem?

In theory, video piano lessons should be good as they let you learn at your own pace whenever you want.

However, the reality is that many of the piano tutorials online are not very good. And even with the good ones, you basically watch the teacher and then pause the video while you mimic what they do. And occasionally, you’ll spend time playing along with the video.

From a piano teacher’s perspective, learning by rote (where you copy / mimic the teacher) is not really learning properly. And there are few if any videos that are capable of teaching you in a natural way to read music notes, understand music theory, refine your timing and phrasing, and build your skills and knowledge incrementally as you learn to play songs.

Another significant issue with video piano tutorials (even the relatively good ones) is limited interactivity.

In a video, there is no teacher, app or other mechanism to assess whether you are playing the song or grasping the concept correctly.

Additionally, a lot of piano lesson videos are frankly too long and very quickly become extremely boring.

So while videos can be worth a look to pick up a few tips or tidbits of knowledge, in my humble opinion, they should not not be relied upon as your main source of piano lessons.



3. Piano lessons apps (a.k.a piano lessons software / programs)

many apps in shape of thumbs up

Piano lessons apps are one of the better online piano lessons options and can be beneficial for some students.

But most apps don’t teach you very well and have some quite basic limitations – no matter how much their marketing blurbs would have you believe otherwise (more on this in the next section).

Typically, piano lessons software consists of a basic automated scoring assessment (much like GarageBand) where the app assesses your playing in terms of whether the notes were correct / incorrect, and they also give a score for timing.

Usually, the assessment of timing is not very accurate, is far too lenient and these apps will permit students to ‘pass’ and / or move onto subsequent lessons even if the current song has not been completed to a reasonable standard.

While some students (especially children) may like this because it’s easier to pass each lesson quicker (which can make them feel good in the short term), this is not in their best long-term interests.

So who would potentially benefit from these piano lessons apps?

Despite their limitations, I think some of these apps would potentially be useful as a practice tool for relatively advanced students who are already having piano lessons with a live / online piano teacher.

In this way, the student is not reliant on the app as their main source of piano instruction (which is good, because most of these apps include relatively little actual teaching). But on the positive side, they often have large libraries of songs to choose from, and if the student knows what they’re doing, at least the app is checking their notes and giving them a basic score.


4. Musiah – online piano lessons with a difference

Musiah Piano Lessons App Icon

What sets Musiah apart from other online piano lessons is that it is the world’s first and only AI Piano Teacher.

Musiah responds to your playing just like a regular piano teacher. And pointing at the sheet music, he guides you every step of the way.

Musiah does not just rely on basic automated assessments of your playing to produce a simplistic score. Rather, Musiah gives you detailed, accurate life-like feedback and prioritizes which issues to address and in what order so that you receive wonderfully effective piano instruction that feels seamless and natural.

And unlike online piano lessons, Musiah does not rely on written instructions or long boring videos. Instead, Musiah fluidly combines thousands upon thousands of elements – audio recordings, animations, pointer movements, short videos (e.g. on playing technique), charts, games and an incredibly refined teaching method – to bring you natural, detailed piano teaching that is honestly years ahead of any other online piano lessons.

In contrast to other lessons and apps, here at Musiah, we believe that students ought to be encouraged to aim higher by learning each song to a reasonable standard, and this is something Musiah does extremely well.

Musiah’s assessment of timing is accurate, and the feedback students receive is honest and balanced.

Additionally, when assessing your playing, Musiah does something that no other app does – Musiah assesses the duration of each note (whether it was held for the correct amount of time).

Holding notes for their correct length is a fundamental aspect of playing the piano that all students should learn. Yet, at the time of writing, no other online piano lessons or apps assess note duration – only Musiah.

Taking this theme a little further… one of the challenges for consumers when choosing online piano lessons is that most apps and sites over-sell how advanced they are. In reality, they are nowhere near as advanced as they claim to be in their marketing blurbs.

For example, for many years, Musiah has included what we consider a fairly standard feature that we call “Practice Untimed” which basically waits for you while you play the notes at your own pace. If you play a note incorrectly, the app waits for you to play it correctly before moving on.

Recently, a number of other online piano lessons apps have introduced a similar feature which they call “wait mode”, “prepare mode” or similar. The difference is that those sites promote this very basic function as “a revolutionary new feature” and an “amazing feature”.

To be really honest, I find this quite amusing as, here at Musiah, we consider such a feature to be so basic that we’d be embarrassed to promote it as a mainstay of the app.



Are online piano lessons with Musiah right for you?

Despite all of the things Musiah does exceptionally well, the question remains whether Musiah is right for you.

To help you answer this question for yourself, it’s important to understand that no one piano lessons environment will suit all students.

The main goal of Musiah is

For the right student, this is great!

An example of a student for whom Musiah will be perfect is someone who is a beginner or relative beginner who wants to gain real skills and build up to being able to play moderately advanced pieces quite quickly.

An example of a student for whom Musiah would not be a good fit is someone who is just looking to learn 1-2 specific songs that they really love and want to play right now (even if those songs are realistically too advanced for them at the moment).

There are many sites that appear to cater to this with large libraries of songs. And on those sites, you can certainly have a go at skipping straight to the songs you want to learn (and maybe this is the right approach for you).

But for most people who fit this description, what you will find is that the versions of the songs on sites like these have been dumbed down into ‘easy piano’ arrangements which have none of the character and soul of the songs you love.

And so, trying to take a shortcut to get to where you want to be may lead to disappointment.

To be able to learn and play original versions of the songs you really want to play, the long-term best approach is to learn to play piano properly, including learning to read sheet music and understand music theory – and this Musiah can help you with better than any other online piano lessons.

Perhaps the question is not so much whether Musiah is right for you as whether you are ready to really learn to play piano.

If yes, what are you waiting for?


Take our free trial



The Damage Caused By Online Piano Lessons


Introducing online piano lessons with Musiah

The only online piano lessons with the depth of instruction of a world-class teacher.

iPad showing online piano lessons with A.I. teacher, sheet music and human hand tapping screen


Over 80,000 beginners have learned piano through the Musiah Method



Discover a revolution in online piano lessons

In the past, learning how to play piano used to be difficult and time-consuming whether you had lessons with a live teacher or took piano lessons online. Typically it took years to learn to play even easy songs to a reasonable standard.

Now those times are over. Using the latest AI technology, Musiah speaks to you and, pointing to the sheet music, he guides you and responds to your playing just like a live teacher. With Musiah piano lessons online, you'll receive a comprehensive music education. From note reading to rhythm, scales to chords, ear training to memory training, music theory, playing technique and more, Musiah will even teach performance skills.

If you dream of being able to play piano, this is the most effective, affordable and practical way to learn. And you can get started right now with just a few clicks.

Watch the video OR continue reading below to compare different types of piano lessons and to learn why Musiah's popular online piano lessons are absolutely the best piano lessons available online or offline.


What You Will Learn
Getting Started – What equipment do I need?


Online Piano Lessons Vs In Person Lessons

How Musiah stacks up

Experience for yourself whether Musiah piano lessons are right for you:

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How to choose the best piano lessons for you

man standing in front of several doors

When looking for piano lessons, it's good to consider such factors as:

1. Cost — value for money is very important
2. Travel — the time and distance to get to and from your lesson (if applicable)
3. Convenience — can your lessons be scheduled at a time that suits you?

And of course, if you want the best piano lessons, you're going to need the best piano teacher delivering you the best piano method, so it's also important to consider:

4. Are you being taught the best piano method?
5. Does the teacher / piano method have a proven track record of outstanding results?
6. What do other students say about this teacher's piano lessons?
7. Do you know anyone who can vouch for the teacher and the piano lessons they offer?
8. Is the teacher professional?
9. Is the teacher qualified?
10. Is the teacher experienced?
11. Is the teacher passionate about what they do?
12. Is the teacher great at motivating their students to help them keep going?
13. Is the teacher honest?
14. Is the teacher patient?
15. Is the teacher dedicated?
16. Is the learning environment optimal?
17. In the case of online piano lessons, how advanced is the technology being used?


1. Cost of the piano lessons

It's a well known fact that learning piano and life success are linked. It’s not surprising, therefore, that parents invest considerable amounts on piano lessons for their children (as do adult students for themselves). Traditional piano lessons and Sype piano lessons can cost $60 an hour per student — that’s a dollar-a-minute!

Even though Musiah can teach you piano 16 times faster than regular piano lessons, and comes with the added benefits of convenience, flexibility, and engagement, I believe piano lessons should be accessible to everyone.

That’s why I have made Musiah available for much less than traditional piano lessons. After your initial trial which gives you 14 Days of FREE piano lessons, Musiah costs very little per month and discounted rates are available if you pre-pay for a longer period. See lesson pricing

Whichever plan you choose — for one low fee, up to 6 (yes, SIX) members of your household can all enjoy piano lessons with Musiah at no extra charge. (By contrast, other online piano lessons sites charge for each additional student).

And there are no contracts with Musiah, which means you’re not locked in for any particular term.

There’s no need to wait. Simply take our Free Trial and you can begin your online piano lessons in just a few minutes!


Start A Free Trial



2. Travel — the time and distance to get to and from your piano lessons

With Musiah, there is ZERO travelling to and from lessons because the lessons take place in the comfort of your own home when it suits you.

By contrast, if you were to take piano lessons with a traditional private piano teacher, even if you were the luckiest person in the world and you found a private piano teacher who would teach you for FREE, by the time you drive to and from the lessons, assuming a half hour trip each way once a week — that’s 4-5 hours of driving per month — the cost of petrol alone would far outweigh the cost of a monthly subscription to Musiah’s piano lessons.

In fact, let’s look at what you would really be getting with a traditional piano teacher...

With a traditional private piano teacher offering (hypothetically) free lessons once a week for one family member:

With Musiah’s online piano lessons:

All up Musiah's piano lessons are a fraction of the cost of the 'free' piano lessons with a traditional private piano teacher AND recent research proves that you will learn how to play piano 16 times faster with Musiah's Piano Lessons than with a traditional piano teacher.

So now you have a better understanding of the true costs and benefits of Musiah online piano lessons compared to piano lessons elsewhere (free or otherwise), why not start your 14 Day Free Trial now.


3. Convenience

Because Musiah's piano lessons take place on your home computer (PC / Mac) or iPad, it really is the ultimate in convenience.

By contrast, even if you had a traditional private piano teacher coming to your home to teach you at a scheduled time, it's really not that convenient because...

Even with a Skype piano teacher, you still have to tidy the place and make yourself presentabe.

But with Musiah's piano lessons, you don't have any of those issues.

Plus Musiah is on call 24/7.

Feel like having a lesson right now? No need to make any arrangements. Just start up your computer or iPad and Musiah is there waiting for you.

The convenience factor with Musiah is huge, which is another aspect of why many students find Musiah online piano lessons to be the best piano lessons.



4. The best piano method

In summary, Musiah teaches piano lessons but students learn on a MIDI keyboard for obvious practical reasons — such as the ability to connect a keyboard to a computer or iPad.

Based on the traditional piano method, i.e. teaching students to read and play the notes in each hand properly, the Musiah Piano Method uses a highly efficient combination of techniques to vastly improve the effectiveness of the traditional piano method, making it the best piano method available anywhere.

Research shows that students who learn piano with Musiah piano method learn piano 16 times faster than students learning the same syllabus the traditional way – and they have a lot more fun doing it.

Developed and refined over the last 24 years, the Musiah Piano Method has already been taught to over 80,000 students in Australia alone, and now through this revolutionary new technology known as Musiah — the world's first A.I. virtual piano teacher — students all over the world are learning piano with the Musiah piano method.

Read more about why the Musiah piano method is the best piano method


5. Proven track record

Not only has the Musiah Piano Method already been taught to over 80,000 students — detailed research is available that proves students who take piano lessons with Musiah learn 16 times faster than piano students learning the same syllabus the traditional way – and they have a lot more fun doing it.

Before Musiah was released to the public, an initial ten week study was carried out. The participants (children of various ages) included two sets of twins.

The study compared the effectiveness of Musiah online piano lessons Vs in person lessons by comparing the number and difficulty of songs each student learned.

Some students learned piano exclusively with Musiah, while other students learned with Musiah and a traditional piano teacher or with a traditional piano teacher alone.

Participants who only had lessons in person with a Teacher

We know from many years of teaching this syllabus in schools that beginner piano students aged from 7–12 who learn with a traditional piano teacher will on average learn 4–6 pieces in ten weeks.

As expected, a similar average was achieved in the case study by participants who learned in person with a piano teacher alone (without access to Musiah).

Participants who only had lessons with Musiah

By contrast, participants who who had lessons with Musiah during the case study learned 17–26 pieces in their first 10 weeks of lessons, demonstrating that Musiah's online piano lessons are far more effective.

Interestingly, a twin who had piano lessons both with Musiah and in person with a traditional piano teacher progressed slower than their identical twin who only had lessons with Musiah (though both twins progressed much faster than participants who learned solely with a traditional piano teacher).


It appears that the presence or absence of a traditional piano teacher is not the main factor in maximizing a student's progress but rather the presence or absence of Musiah.

The study showed that students who had access to Musiah online piano lessons, whether or not they also learned from a traditional piano teacher, progressed faster than students learning with a traditional teacher alone.

In part, this is because regular piano teachers cannot be with their students all the time. (Usually they can only see their student once a week for 30 minutes). And so, while practicing alone, students often pick up bad habits, learn things incorrectly or inefficiently, and then the following week’s lesson is largely used to undo these things instead of progressing forward.

On a side note, since the study was conducted, additional research shows that  students of Musiah online piano lessons progress much faster – with some students progressing an amazing 16 times faster than students learning the same songs with a live piano teacher.

The main reason for this is that Musiah is available 24/7 to constantly support students every step of the way. So it’s rather like having your piano teacher sit next to you all the time while you practice, and in this way, the line between practice time and lesson time becomes blurred.

Learning piano online with Musiah is more like having a perpetual lesson, and this results in much greater efficiency in your learning.

Explore how YOU too can learn to play piano 16 times faster

OR start your FREE 14 Day Trial



6. What do students say about Musiah's piano lessons?

Musiah Reviews And Testimonials

In the words of one adult Musiah student (Ms Hayley Waterhouse) in a recent unsolicited email...

"I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words… in one day of using Musiah not only did I learn more but everything I had tried to understand fell into place… The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software. I know it must’ve been such a lot of work but I know it will change many lives as it has mine already."

Read Hayley's full Musiah Review

In another recent review, Michael Koureskas — a young man from Melbourne — describes how Musiah's technology combined with the storyline keeps him engaged, refreshed and interested in learning piano. In his view, Musiah is an "amazing, cost effective, resource efficient, high quality product" and a "blessing to the whole world".

Read Michael's full Musiah Review

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From the abundance of extremely positive, enthusiastic feedback from parents and students (both adults and kids), it is clear that those who have tried Musiah's oline piano lessons say they really are the best piano lessons available anywhere online or offline.

So I invite you to see for yourself why Musiah's piano lessons are the best...

Start your FREE 14 Days of Piano Lessons Now

OR continue reading to learn more...


7. A personal recommendation from someone you know

Well, you may not know him personally, but if you have ever watched hit TV shows like Australian Idol, YTT (Young Talent Time), Oprah Winfrey Show Australian finalé (broadcast worldwide from the Sydney Opera House), Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight® or the TV Week Logie Awards — to name a few — you will know who Aussie Celebrity Music Maestro John Foreman is.

What John Foreman Says About Musiah's Online Piano Lessons

“With Musiah’s online piano lessons, you will be able to achieve in weeks or months what might normally take years to do.”

“I think Musiah is fantastic... It is going to revolutionize the way people learn music. From what I have seen, Musiah is absolutely the best value, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano.”

“There are going to be a lot of adults who are enjoying the process of learning music through Musiah as well as the kids. I think it is going to have a profound effect on the way music is studied.”

“Musiah’s piano lessons are going to open a whole of doors for young people who are interested in music but who might not necessarily have the patience to sit down and practice half an hour every day… Practicing music used to be a bit of a chore but with this program… kids are going to be coming back to the keyboard and coming back to the computer because they want to get to the next level.”

“For adults… I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people… For those people… you can practice in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills.”

"Musiah is absolutely the best value, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano."

So once again, the vote is in. According to John Foreman, Musiah online piano lessons are the very best piano lessons.

Start your FREE 14 Day Trial now OR continue reading to learn more...



8. Professionalism

Your private piano teacher, while being fun and friendly, must also be professional and ethical.

Look at the Musiah demo video earlier on this page and you will see how professional and detailed Musiah is.

Take a look at my professional background. My name is Brendan Hogan, and I am the inventor of Musiah.


9. Qualifications

I have the AMEB qualifications of Associate in Music Australia (A.Mus.A) and Licentiate in Music Australia (L.Mus.A).



10. Experience

Not to blow my own trumpet (I can actually barely get a sound out of a trumpet despite my best efforts), but just to let you know about my experience...

My own piano teaching career started at the age of 11, giving me the opportunity to develop and refine my own piano method.

I began playing the piano at age 7 and was the last student to study piano with internationally renowned piano teacher Dr JJ O’Reilly before continuing at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with Chopin specialist, Professor Anthony Glavin.

I’ve composed music from the age of 12. I was 17 when my first orchestral work was performed by Ireland’s National Orchestra, making me the youngest Irish composer ever to have an orchestral work performed at the National Concert Hall in Dublin.

I wrote my first piano concerto at age 18 while teaching music to Year 10 students.

Since relocating from Ireland to Australia in 1988, I’ve had a career working as a composer for television and songs for established artists, including “Walk Away”, which Wendy Matthews performed on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

I’ve taught piano, organ, and keyboard privately and in schools for more than 30 years and have spent thousands of hours observing and coaching hundreds of teachers in the specialized art of group piano lessons. I am also the founder of Australia's largest national in-school keyboard music program.

Since early 2008, I have channeled my passion for teaching piano into developing the best piano lessons now available online through this new medium known as Musiah — the world’s first truly A.I. virtual piano teacher.


11. Passion

Even a quick look at Musiah’s video near the top of this page will show you how passionate Musiah and I (Musiah’s creator) are about music and teaching.

As a piano teacher and trainer of piano / keyboard teachers for more than 30 years, my greatest passion in life is bringing the gift of music to students of all ages, adults and kids, beginners to advanced – through affordable, convenient and fun piano lessons.

This is why I have spent many years and almost all of my life savings developing Musiah — the one true virtual piano teacher, with patents pending in numerous countries.

I really want YOU to reap the amazing, life-changing benefits Musiah has to offer. So I invite you to start your FREE 14 Day Trial of our Piano Lessons now.



12. Motivation

A great piano teacher finds ways to motivate you, to help you to keep going. They make piano lessons fun, not boring.

On a lighter level, for little kids and big kids (adults), Musiah offers an optional story mode presenting the lessons as a fun online piano lessons game, with rewards, collectibles and fun performance challenges to keep you motivated.

Creating a welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental lesson environment is important for encouraging students of all ages. After all, more than 70% of our students are adults, and we adults need encouragement just as much as kids do.

On a more philosophical level, in Musiah's piano lessons, through the piano method I have developed and refined over many years, I use music as a means of empowering students to discover that they can teach themselves anything they want to learn.

Ultimately, all learning is self-learning. The best piano teachers understand that they are not so much teachers as guides who help point their students in the right direction, and they gradually empower their students to teach themselves.


13. Honesty — without embarrassment

If you’re hitting the wrong keys, missing notes, or getting the rhythm wrong, you want the teacher to tell you, but you also don't want to feel silly!

In a supportive, non-judgmental way, Musiah will tell you honestly what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

If your playing is dreadful, Musiah will tell you! And when you play well, Musiah will praise you.

You'll never feel embarrassed as you might if you had a traditional teacher sitting next to you.

As John Foreman says... "For adults… I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people… For those people… you can practice in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills.”



14. Patience

An impatient piano teacher can really put you off your love of the piano.

By contrast, Musiah is infinitely patient! He is never tired or cranky. He never gets angry or frustrated with you. You can keep making the same mistake over and over and Musiah will still be there by your side, encouraging you, guiding you, and helping you to improve.

Infinitely patient and always encouraging, Musiah really does offer the best piano lessons.


15. Dedication

You need a piano teacher who will spend the time with you that you need.

Don’t settle for a piano teacher who may be spreading their time and attention too thinly across too many students.

Musiah has as much time for your lessons as you do. He’s available 24/7 at any time of day or night that suits you.



16. The learning environment

It's easy to overlook the importance of the learning environment. Often, a private piano teacher’s studio or music school may be subject to traffic noise, may have other lessons being conducted in the surrounding rooms, or other external distractions that can create less than an ideal learning environment.

With Musiah, you have the most comfortable of all music learning environments: your own home!


17. The best piano lesson technology

There's a reason why the first version of Musiah — the world's first AI (Artificially Intelligent) virtual piano teacher took 4 years and cost a fortune to develop.

In AI terms, Musiah is a sophisticated expert system. An expert system, is a computer program that solves problems and gives advice in a specialized area of knowledge. The aim of an expert system is to match the quality and performance of a human expert in a given area — in this case piano lessons.

Expert systems rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. As a virtual piano teacher, Musiah (the program) incorporates several new aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Specifically, Musiah uses pattern recognition and inference to overcome shortcomings in other computer instruction programs that have so far prevented teaching of complex subjects such as piano lessons. As a result, Musiah (your virtual piano teacher) can adapt his behavior to fit new circumstances. Musiah can reason — that is, he can draw inferences that relate to the given task, and prioritize which issues to address and in what order to address them. (The ability to prioritize is considered by many to be the most advanced aspect of A.I.)

When Musiah assesses your piano playing, he uses unique algorithms to compare the current state (how you have just played the piece of music) with the goal state (how the piece of music should have been played). Musiah then considers such matters and whether you played extra notes, left notes out, played wrong notes, got your timing wrong, held some notes for too long or not long enough.

Then, depending on your individual situation, Musiah selects the issues he needs to address, the order in which he should best address them, and the actions he needs to take to guide and coach you until the current state of your piano playing is transformed into the goal state.

Through these approaches, Musiah delivers seamless, natural piano tuition that is by far the most technologically advanced computer-based piano lessons available in the world today.

So don’t be fooled by claims you may find on the internet about products purporting to be a virtual piano teacher, or the world's only 'interactive' piano lessons, etc. With patents pending in numerous countries around the world, there is only one truly artificially intelligent virtual piano teacher: Musiah.

And only Musiah can deliver the best piano online lessons which, for many students, are also be much better than lessons with a live teacher.

But of course, whether this applies to you depends on your individual circumstances.

At the end of the day, to find the best piano lessons for you, all you need to do is consider the points above, taking into account your own individual circumstances and musical goals, and I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

If you believe Musiah may be right for you, why not experience this powerful new piano lessons technology for yourself right now. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Start your FREE 14 Day Piano Lessons Trial now.

And one more thing... Our videos, FAQ's and blog articles are a great source of information, but if you have any questions for me personally, please feel free to email me directly HERE.

Thanks again for visiting,

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A.
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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MIDI Keyboard Requirements for Musiah

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When you first start piano, the most important thing is not which songs you learn but what skills you learn in each lesson.

If you learn the right skills in the right order, you'll quickly gain the ability to learn and play any song you choose.

Below is a summary of the skills you'll learn in our beginner lessons (Levels 1-3 of 13 levels).

Musiah Online Piano Lessons – Level 1

side view of two hands playing piano during online piano lesson

This level has 19 terrific online piano lessons for beginners that will take you from the very beginning to playing great songs with both hands in time with fun backing tracks. As you progress, you will learn correct playing technique, music theory, how to read music and more. And as you practice, Musiah will be with you to guide you every step of the way.

Around 70% of our students are adults, so these lessons are ideal for grown-ups (as well as kids from age 7). No prior experience is needed, so if you have never played piano before – these lessons are perfect for you. They're also great for students who are returning to piano after a long break. To use Musiah, you need a MIDI keyboard (minimum 49 keys) or digital piano connected to your PC, Mac or iPad by either cable or Bluetooth.

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Musiah Online Piano Lessons – Level 2

two hands playing on a MIDI keyboard during online piano lesson

In this second level of 15 online piano lessons, you'll build on the skills and knowledge gained in Level 1. Areas covered include new hand positions on the keyboard, crossing one hand over the other, increased coordination and finger independence, chords, different accompaniment styles, ensemble (group) playing, how to read sheet music faster, music theory, e.g. tied notes, more note and rest values, recognizing patterns in the sheet music and more.

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Musiah Online Piano Lessons – Level 3

right hand playing a chord on a MIDI keyboard during online piano lesson

In this third level of 15 more online piano lessons, as you continue to build your reading and playing skills, you'll learn songs involving new hand positions, more advanced coordination, fuller chords, scales, new notes and new music theory, and more advanced sensmbe (group) playing. By the time you have finished this level of beginner piano lessons, you'll be read for our intermediate piano lessons (Levels 4 to 9 of the course) and finally our advanced piano lessons (Levels 10 to 13)

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Intermediate & Advanced Levels

In the Musiah course of piano lessons, there are 13 levels in total. Levels 4 to 9 are intermediate piano lessons and levels 10 to 13 are advanced piano lessons.


What people are saying out Musiah online piano lessons


Your system is an answer to my prayers... truly a gift!

“I am really enjoying my lessons. It has been my life-long dream to play the piano so your system is an answer to my prayers. Thank you for your vision and your dedication to helping your students become the best they can be. Your system truly is a gift! Thanks again for all your help and for Musiah. I tell everyone about my newfound passion and about this amazing program. It has truly been life-changing for me!”

— Gail Beinert

I am truly amazed at the progress my son is doing!

“I have to say that it's a brilliant program! I was impressed when I tried it out, but I am truly amazed at the progress my son is doing, especially because of his age. And he won't let go until he gets 5 stars! I completely stopped teaching him. Thank you! I am so grateful that I found Musiah.”

— Alexandra Beytenbrat

You are on the forefront of a revolution in education – and not just in music!

“I wanted to try learning something completely new to me (my wife for half a century has pointed out I have no sense of rhythm or timing). Your use of the internet for competence based teaching with progressions, leveling up etc — is innovative and for me brilliant. You are on the forefront of a revolution in education — and not just in music. Keep going!”

— Dick Reece


Join thousands of piano students across the globe today – for free

Unlike other piano learning sites or apps, here at Musiah, you won’t find any false claims or unsustainable promises, only rock solid, common-sense quality online piano lessons that have been crafted in minute detail over many years so that you truly can learn how to play piano and read sheet music up to 16 times faster.

In the words of music maestro John Foreman (Musical Director of Australian Idol 2003-2008 and Musical Director of Young Talent Time): "Musiah is absolutely the best value, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano".

Your first 14 DAYS ARE COMPLETELY FREE. And you can cancel any time during your trial at no charge.

So if you want to fulfill a lifetime dream of learning piano, brush up your existing note-reading and music theory knowledge, or give yourself or your children the best possible music education, you can do so here and now…

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