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If you’re looking for the best online piano lessons for adults — for yourself or for a loved one, you have come to the right place.

Musiah piano lessons are a ground-breaking new A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) software invention bringing you the very best piano lessons online — especially for adults.

'Musiah' (as the product is known) is the world's first virtual piano teacher. Using the latest A.I. technology, he responds to your playing just like a live teacher.


Over 80,000 piano students have learned through the Musiah Method



70% of our students are adults – so it's NEVER too late to learn!

If you have ever thought that you can't learn piano as an adult and that maybe it's too late to start learning piano – cast those thoughts aside. It really is NEVER too late to learn to play piano.

Some folks assume that Musiah is mostly for kids, but actually more than 70% of our students are adults. We have adults in their 20's and 30s right up to adults in their 70's and 80's who are achieving their dream of learning to play piano.

In fact, starting piano early isn't always an advantage. When it comes to learning piano as an adult, you have many advantages over kids and there are several ways in which piano lessons can benefit adults that don't apply to kids.

For more, see Learning Piano As An Adult


How Does It Work?

Unlike many online or software-software-based piano lessons, our course is designed to take students from beginner to advanced in the most direct route and the shortest amount of time possible – we do not aim to keep customers subscribing indefinitely. Instead, our goal is to give them real skills so they gain the ability to teach themselves any song they choose.

It’s the quality of our teaching and the pedigree of the Musiah piano method coupled with personal support from the inventor himself that demonstrates our care and commitment to each of our students.

Musiah is not hollow libraries of songs with minimal automated feedback and no tuition. It’s a real (albeit virtual) teacher that speaks to you, guides you and responds to your playing just like a live teacher. 

It’s the real skills that you’ll gain from Musiah that will have you reading music, teaching yourself songs of your choosing and that will give you the life-long gift of music.

Plus, it’s fun and there’s even an optional story mode that allows the student to do their lessons as a character in an adventure story set in the future.

If you have a dream to play piano, this is the most effective, affordable and practical way to learn. And you can get started right now with just a few clicks.

View demo video of Musiah online piano lessons for adults



Musiah Online Piano Lessons For Adults – At A Glance

  1. Musiah piano lessons are highly effective
  2. Learn how to read sheet music as well as fun practical lessons
  3. Learn to play pieces in a variety of styles
  4. Musiah speaks to you and gives you essential feedback
  5. So convenient — learn at home when it suits you
  6. Musiah is infinitely patient and always encouraging
  7. No driving time / travel costs getting to and from lessons
  8. Musiah piano lessons are very affordable
  9. Suitable for adults (most of our student are adults)
  10. You’ll learn 16 times faster than with traditional lessons

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Musiah Online Piano Lessons For Adults – In Detail

1. Musiah’s Online Piano Lessons Are Highly Effective

The Musiah piano method (i.e. the teaching method behind Musiah’s piano lessons) has been developed over two decades and has been taught to more than 80,000 students, during which time, the method was continually refined and has evolved into its current form which is essentially a highly efficient take on the traditional piano method.

Like the traditional piano method, the Musiah piano method will teach you how to read sheet music properly (reading the notes for both hands) — but with the Musiah method, you’ll

And in terms of playing technique and the development of eye-mind-hand coordination, as you learn to play piano with Musiah, you’ll discover how the Musiah approach to reading sheet music also forms the best foundation to help you

Learn more about the Musiah Piano Method




2. Learn How To Read Sheet Music As Well As Fun Practical Lessons

Musiah piano lessons app screenshot showing how to read sheet music

One of the great things about Musiah online piano lessons for adults is that music theory / learning to read sheet music and practical lessons are integrated into one seamless holistic lesson, so there are no lengthy boring explanations.

Instead, during practical lessons, you are ‘drip-fed’ music theory, general knowledge and note-reading techniques almost imperceptibly, so you are learning these things while continually being engaged and actively participating in the lesson.

And from time to time, when Musiah does focus purely on theory / note-reading, this is done through interactive games which are not only fun, they are also a highly efficient way to learn.

These games were designed with adults in mind to re-enforce skills and knowledge in a measureable, enjoyable way.

In terms of describing the benefits of (and the science behind) the cartoon interface (in the optional 'story mode'), adult student Michael Koureskas from Watsonia Melbourne had this to say in a recent Musiah review:


"Not only is Musiah an amazing, cost effective, resource efficient, high quality product, but the user interface of the program exceeds expectations.

Upon opening the program it establishes a friendly environment in which piano students can study, practice and even feel welcomed in! The interface is easy and fun to navigate.

I believe that the entertaining story lines and characters [which you can opt out of] also play a very significant role in engaging adults in learning piano.

Firstly on the surface level, it is highly engaging as students of all ages like ‘achievement and recognition’ (we like seeing things get done, ticking things off, earning reward points etc.) this is achieved through the story line and process of collecting stars to unlock pieces of the clavitrisk.

Secondly on a deeper level, the use of friendly animations, establishes an underlying sensation of ‘joy’ which makes the student feel at ease, a sense of (childhood) fun and playfulness.

This is astonishing, because it places the students in the most receptive state of learning. It allows students to not feel threatened or intimidated by a scholarly musical maestro sitting across the table from them (as would have traditionally been the case).

So Musiah overcomes a huge barrier that holds a lot of people back from learning piano, especially in their later stages of life.

I would recommend Musiah without hesitation to anyone (and I have) who is even remotely considering learning the piano, because once you start with Musiah you will never look back."

Michael Koureskas


Read Michael’s full review


3. Learn To Play Pieces In A Variety Of Styles

In Musiah’s online piano lessons you will learn pieces in a wide variety of styles including classical, folk, blues, rock and contemporary.

Here are a couple of videos to demonstrate the variety of styles you will learn:

Watch Sungchan from Melbourne playing Gipsy Dance by Brendan Hogan

Watch Kristina from Brisbane playing Celtic Sunrise by Brendan Hogan

View more student videos



4. Musiah Speaks To You And Gives You Essential Feedback

Unlike anything else, using the latest A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology, Musiah speaks to you just like a live teacher sitting next to you, and guides you every step of the way.

Like a live teacher, he not only points out mistakes, such as

Musiah also has the ability to prioritize (the ability to prioritize is widely considered to be one of the most advanced areas in the field of A.I.).

So if there are multiple issues, Musiah can prioritize which issues to address and in what order, which means that the feedback you receive is very natural and life-like.

And if, from time to time, you don’t want to hear the feedback (e.g. if you know what you did wrong), Musiah also comes with a handy “Skip” feature (unlike a traditional teacher).



5. So Convenient — Learn At Home When It Suits You

If you’re time poor (like many adults), you’ll find online piano lessons with Musiah are the ultimate in convenience.

Once installed (as a software application on your computer or iPad), Musiah is like having your own personal piano teacher at your beck and call 24/7 ready to teach you whenever it suits you, any time of day or night.

If you’re commitment-shy (unable to commit to a piano lesson at the same day and time each week), Musiah offers the perfect solution... If you want 3 hours of piano lessons today and then just 10 minutes three days from now — no problem.

While a routine is preferable, if your availability changes a lot, Musiah will simply wait until you can manage to spend some time with him, learning to play your next piece.



6. Musiah Is Infinitely Patient And Always Encouraging

Are you shy or embarrassed about making mistakes in front of a traditional piano teacher who may judge you for ‘not having practiced enough since last week’s lesson’? You’ll find Musiah is infinitely patient, always encouraging and completely non-judgmental.

As a virtual piano teacher, he respects you and your individual circumstances, and his sole purpose is to support you and help you achieve your goal of learning to play piano.


7. No Driving Time / Travel Costs Getting To And From Lessons

Do you find the idea of sitting in traffic on the way to and from a weekly 30 minute piano lesson less than thrilling? When you take piano lessons online with Musiah, there is ZERO driving time, no petrol or other travel costs, no time wasted.

Instead of sitting in traffic, if you’d rather spend that time learning piano, then Musiah is a great option for you.



8. Musiah Piano Lessons Are Very Affordable

arrow pinning dollar to targetarrow pinning dollar to targetDo you find the cost of traditional piano lessons (at around $30-40 per half hour) unaffordable?

Then you’re about to be very pleasantly surprised by the outstanding value Musiah online piano lessons can offer.

For the one low monthly or annual subscription you can have as many hours of piano lessons as you want — for a fraction of the cost of traditional piano lessons.

Plus… on a family plan, up to 6 family members can all have piano lessons with Musiah on the same subscription! (Other sites charge for each student).

See lesson prices


9. Musiah Piano Lessons Are Suitable For Adults

Do you have doubts about taking piano lessons because of your age? To all adults, I say — age is no barrier.

You are never too old to learn! And it's NEVER too late to start learning to play piano.

About 70% of all Musiah students are adults, like Wanda Brown age 60 from North Carolina, USA who in a recent Musiah review wrote:


Wanda B mature age musiah piano student

"As a mature piano student of 60, Ienjoy so much learning with a virtual online piano teacher!

The songs are certainly entertaining and diverse, and helped me discover several genres of music I love to play

Musiah is such a unique and valuable program offered at a very reasonable price compared to private half-hour once a week lessons. I feel as if Musiah is right there with me in the course. He offers encouragement and helps me to improve whenever I need to correct playing wrong notes or counting to the beat.

Thank you for the gift of music, Brendan. Please continue to develop future virtual online piano programs with Musiah. I’d love to continue learning this way. Whenever I play piano I feel peaceful, love and joy." 

Read Wanda's full review


Hayley W adult piano student

Or Hayley Waterhouse, age 32 from South Penrith, Sydney who had this to say in another Musiah review:

"I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words… in one day of using Musiah not only did I learn more but everything I had tried to understand fell into place… The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software. I know it must’ve been such a lot of work but I know it will change many lives as it has mine already."

Read Hayley's full ReviewHayley's full Review

Watch Hayley playing The Can Can by Offenbach after only 7 weeks of lessons

(Since this video was made, Hayley has continued to progress to even more advanced pieces).


Leigh B adult piano student

Or Leigh Blackburn, age 28 from Spring Farm, Sydney who says this:

"From the very start Musiah makes learning the piano fun and interesting, I can now quite easily read notes off sheet music, am learning to co-ordinate my fingers for different chords and have learnt a number of different scales.

Even though in Musiah [when the optional story mode is chosen] you are an 'Earthling' trying to save the universe from a alien attack, which may come off a bit 'Kiddy', it's a great way to learn and you can work at your own pace, whenever you're available.

I would recommend Musiah to anyone, of any age, who is keen to learn properly how to play piano!"

Read Leigh's full review

Watch Leigh playing In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Grieg after only 4 weeks of lessons

Do You Regret Not Learning Piano As A Child?

Some adults regret not having had the opportunity to learn to play piano when they were younger, or if they did have the opportunity, that they did not appreciate it enough to stick at it.

With the unrivalled convenience, affordability and quality of Musiah online piano lessons for adults, you now have the perfect opportunity to turn that regret around.

Why not see for yourself and take our Free Trial.




10. Learn 16 Times Faster Than With Traditional Lessons

Of course, as an adult, if you are going to take the time to learn how to play piano, you want to be sure that your time is well spent.

You want the

so you’ll see the rewards for your efforts sooner rather than later.

As an adult, you can be assured that with Musiah online piano lessons, you will learn to read sheet music and play the piano up to 16 times faster than through traditional lessons.

How do we know?

Because, in a world first Online Piano Lessons Study, students learning piano with Musiah were proven to learn piano on average 5-8 times faster (in their first few weeks of lessons) than students learning the same syllabus through traditional piano lessons, with some students learning up to 10 times faster — and they had a lot more fun.

The latest research (since the above study) shows students taking Musiah's online piano lessons over a longer period of time actually learn up to 16 times faster.

So if you  would like to experience the life-changing benefits of the best online piano / keyboard lessons that will have you learning to play the piano up to 16 faster than traditional piano classes, you have definitely come to the right place.

Learn more about how YOU too can learn to play piano an amazing 16 times faster

Don’t delay. Musiah’s online piano lessons really are the best piano lessons for adults of all ages, and you can be experiencing the joy of learning to play piano within minutes.


There’s no risk — just the life-long gift of music to gain.


My Qualifications As A Piano Lessons Expert

Brendan Hogan Musiah InventorBrendan Hogan Musiah InventorFor more than 38 years, I’ve taught piano lessons, organ lessons, and keyboard lessons privately and in schools and have spent thousands of hours observing and coaching hundreds of teachers in the specialized art of delivering group piano lessons. I have the AMEB qualification of Associate in Music Australia (A.Mus.A) and Licentiate in Music Australia (L.Mus.A).

My own piano teaching career started at the age of 11, giving me the opportunity to develop and refine my own piano lessons method over many years.

I began playing the piano at age 7 and was the last student to study piano with internationally renowned piano teacher Dr JJ O’Reilly before continuing at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with Chopin piano specialist, Professor Anthony Glavin.

I’ve composed music from the age of 12. I was 17 when my first orchestral work was performed by Ireland’s National Orchestra, making me the youngest Irish composer ever to have an orchestral work performed at the National Concert Hall in Dublin.

I wrote my first piano concerto at 18 while teaching music to Year 10 students.

Since relocating from Ireland to Australia in 1988, I’ve had a career working as a composer for television and songs for established artists, including “Walk Away”, which Wendy Matthews performed on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Since early 2008, I have channeled my passion for teaching piano into developing Musiah’s popular online piano lessons. Musiah is the world’s first truly artificially intelligent virtual piano teacher.

Read my full bio



What John Foreman Says About Musiah

John Foreman - celebrity pianistJohn Foreman - celebrity pianistHere’s what John Foreman, Musical Director of Australian Idol 2003–2008 and now Musical Director of Young Talent Time, says about Musiah online piano lessons for adults.

“With Musiah, you will be able to achieve in weeks or months what might normally takes years to do.”

“I think Musiah is fantastic... It is going to revolutionize the way people learn music. From what I have seen, Musiah is absolutely the best value, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano.”

“There are going to be a lot of adults who are enjoying the process of learning music through Musiah as well as the kids. I think it is going to have a profound effect on the way music is studied.”

“Musiah online piano lessons are going to open a whole of doors for people who are interested in music but who might not necessarily have the patience to sit down and practice half an hour every day… Practicing music used to be a bit of a chore but with this program… students are going to be coming back to the keyboard and coming back to the computer because they want to get to the next level.”

“For adults… I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people… For those people… you can practice in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills.”

Hear what John Foreman – Celebrity Music Maestro – says about Musiah piano lssons

Watch John Foreman playing The Willy Tell Overture by Rossini (arr. Brendan Hogan)


Real-Life Success Stories From Adults Learning Piano With Musiah

Thousands of adults people have enrolled in Musiah’s popular online piano lessons. Here are just some of Musiah’s success stories.

"Musiah is an excellent piano teacher and he has infinite patience"

"Excellent, Congratulations to all the Musiah team... I have been able to learn more about pedagogic system from Musiah. In my 41 years old I have received my first piano lesson and I'm very excited, Musiah is an excellent teacher and he has an infinite patience. Thank you, and you have a great team." 

Carlos A (adult student) - Zamora, Spain

"This is the first time I feel that I will really be able to learn piano with the kind of help I need"

Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating Musiah. We saw the ad on X Factor and decided to give it a try. As an adult learner, I had lessons for about a year or two when I was in around grade 1-2 at school. The rest I taught myself, so could never really pinpoint where I was going wrong, or how I could improve beyond a certain level. This is the first time I feel that I will really be able to learn piano with the kind of help I need. One of my daughter's (Lainey) who is just beginning with piano lessons with a teacher absolutely loves Musiah too. It is really easy to use, fun and makes us both want to play! We LOVE it!! Her teacher can't believe how good she is going after only 2 piano lessons with him.

Nerida S - Aspley QLD, Australia

"The real genius is the man who dreamt of Musiah and then had the courage and determination to make it happen"

The real genius is the man who dreamt of Musiah and then had the courage and determination to make it happen. It's an incredibly difficult thing to come up with something new and original but you have achieved it. I imagine it was as hard to produce, as maybe writing a good book coupled with a computer program coupled with a film. It is a wonderful piece of work. Anyway thanks for it, and may it bring you every possible reward.

Chris A - Bridgeman Downs QLD, Australia

Read more Musiah Testimonials

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If you're still reading, you obviously have a strong interest in taking piano lessons as an adult with Musiah, so I urge you to take the next step and sign-up for our 14 Day Free Trial.

You can cancel any time within 14 days and you will not be charged, so there is no risk.

And who knows, this could well be the first step to discovering your inner musical talent and the beginning of a beautiful journey that see you gradually become an accomplished pianist, all in the comfort of your own home, when it suits you.

For more information about taking piano lessons with Musiah as an adult, please browse around the site or check out the links below. Our videos, FAQ's and blog articles are also a great source of information.

And of course, if you have any questions for me personally, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks again for visiting,

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A.
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor




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