Practice Tips

A collection of articles to help you make the most of the time you spend at piano practice including;

How To Learn Piano Fast (Up To 16 x Faster) – The Quick & Easy Way

Learn piano fast by doing these two things. Learning piano quickly and easily explained step by step. All you need to know. Free Trial.

Top 12 Proven Piano Practice Tips – And The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

Simple tips to get the most out of piano practice. Just by avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll progress faster, play better and love piano even more.

New Practice Feature For Learning Piano Songs Without Lessons – Musiah

Introducing 'Sticky' Feedback – a new feature in the Musiah Practice Area to help you learn piano songs without lessons (e.g. Library Songs).

How To Learn Piano Songs Fast And Memorize Them Like A Pro

Learn to read & play piano songs fast & memorize them easily with these great tips & techniques. Prepare for performances and play your songs with confidence.

Playing Piano By Ear Vs Reading Music

My son prefers to play piano by ear, not reading the sheet music. Is this a problem? He listens to a song on radio and plays it by ear. How can I help him develop this talent?

Should I Look At My Hands While Playing Piano?

Should you look at your hands while playing piano? Is it a good or bad habit? Should you look at the sheet music all the time? This article answers these and many more age-old questions about learning piano.

Piano Posture

Piano Posture: Unlock in your inner poise, grace and Zen at the piano and avoid posture mistakes like slouching, moving your head to look at sheet music & more.

How To Achieve Greatness At Playing Piano While Learning Faster

Did you know that there’s a guaranteed way to achieve greatness at playing piano (or any musical instrument)? Discover the secrets of the greats from research carried out at the Berlin Academy of Music. Learn lessons from the greatest pianists in history. And discover why AI Piano Lessons can help you learn faster.

Why Play Piano With The Correct Fingers?

This article explains the benefits of using the correct fingers when playing piano, what the finger numbers on the sheet music are really teaching you and how this helps your playing.

How To Increase Your Speed Playing Piano

Increase your speed at the piano: Learn the best way to build up your ability to play pieces faster and with no mistakes. This article includes Practice Tips such as Untimed Practice, how to combine both hands reliably (after separate hand practice) and more.

What Else Should I Do To Supplement My Piano Lessons?

When learning piano, understandably, students often think they need to do more. (In addition to my piano lessons, should I be playing scales, exercises, practicing sight reading, etc?) Here's why you shouldn't...

Piano Practice Vs Playing — Do You Know The Difference?

Do you know the difference between piano practice and piano playing? It’s not so much a given activity as your approach to that activity that defines whether it really is practice. In this article, learn how to hone your 'practice radar' so you will make the most of your time at the piano.

Do You Have To Count Out Loud When Practicing Piano?

Struggling to count out loud while practicing piano? This article contains tips to help you master this essential skill and examines the question “Can swearing while counting aloud as you practice actually help you improve your timing?” You might be surprised.

Sight Reading Vs Muscle Memory: How To Practice Sight Reading

Sight Reading Vs Muscle Memory: Is there a way to improve sight reading without relying on muscle memory? And is muscle memory a good or bad habit? Sight reading is not what most people think. To improve it, practice sight reading as a separate skill in its own right, i.e. almost as though it has nothing to do with your mainstream practice.

Piano Practice: Which Is Better — 30 Minutes Or Just 10 Minutes?

How much should you practice piano? Achieve your practice goals and reach your full musical potential in less time with this incredibly simple practice strategy.

Dive Into Piano Lessons – Free Trial

Best tips and insights to help you dive into piano lessons and discover the greatest joy and fulfillment as you learn, practice and play – Free Trial

Returning To Piano Lessons After A Break? Start Here

Returning to piano lessons? Get back on track with our simple, practical steps to learning to play piano & read sheet music quickly and effectively.

Practice Makes Perfect: Tips To Achieve Your Piano Goals

Perfect piano practice makes perfect! Tips on what to do when you hit a brick wall in your piano practice. Insights to keep you motivated & achieve your goals.

Learning & Practicing Piano Grows On You

There’s a simple truth about practicing and learning piano that will change your life but there’s also a fundamental mistake students make when it comes to practicing.

Piano Practice Tips For Parents — Part 1 of 2

So you have a child learning piano, and he or she says that they don’t want to practice. What do you do? The answer to this question falls into two parts...

Piano Practice Tips For Parents — Part 2 of 2

How to encourage your child to practice: By far, the number one thing you can do to support and encourage your child to practice and to encourage learning (generally) in your home is...

What Is The Best Way To Motivate Students To Practice Piano?

In this video, I share 8 of my top tips for motivating students to practice piano. It’s good practical advice that can be used by anyone. Whether you’re learning piano with Musiah or elsewhere, I encourage you to consider these tips, and hopefully some of them may be of use to you.

Piano Practice Tip: A Simple Challenge That Works Like Magic

Piano Practice Tip: This article reveals a great tip you can use to encourage your child to practice piano. Young students who do well in their piano lessons tend to have one thing in common. Discover what it is.

How To Manage Performance Anxiety When Playing Piano For An Audience

In this article is an email trail between me and an adult student who was struggling with piano performance anxiety. It addresses the issue in some detail, and while the advice therein is tailored to students using the Musiah piano lessons software, the principles behind it apply equally to piano students generally.

Learning Piano: Simple Steps To Overcome Challenges

On your piano lessons journey, it’s perfectly normal to occasionally hit a stumbling block. Perhaps it’s a timing challenge or coordination between the two hands. Whatever is tripping you up, this article gives you step by step options to help build up your skills and confidence to overcome any challenge.

Piano Scales — Are They Necessary? And What Are The Benefits If Any?

Do you enjoy playing piano scales? If music is food for the soul, then it could be said that scales are like musical vegetables… we all know they’re good for us but most people (if we’re honest), don’t really enjoy eating them. Fortunately there's good news...

Why Practice Piano When You Can Have A Perpetual Lesson?

Learn how Musiah’s perpetual piano lesson guided learning environment alleviates the challenges of traditional solitary piano practice. And discover why many students, especially kids, ‘hate’ practicing piano and what you can do about it.