Why do some credit cards experience issues when signing up?

From time to time, customers who are using either a debit card or a pre-paid card experience issues when attempting to sign up for a Musiah subscription.

Please be assured that we have checked with both our bank and our payment gateway, and both advise that we are fully set up to support card types such as debit cards and pre-paid cards.

We have also had our programming team to do some manual testing for these card types using their personal debit / pre-paid credit cards, and using each card type, we have been able to sign up without any issues.

If you are experiencing an issue with one of these card types, it is specific to your card and most likely stems from the fact that not all cards, especially debit cards / pre-paid credit cards are created equal.

Each bank / card issuer may put their own parameters / restrictions on how their card may be used.

So for example, a debit mastercard issued by one bank may allow you to set up recurring transactions such as a Musiah subscription, whereas the same card type issued by another bank may not.

Even if you use the card for lots of online transactions without problems, these are usually one-off purchases. With Musiah the transaction type is different insofar as it is a subscription (i.e. a recurring transaction).

Another possibility is: a debit mastercard issued by one bank in your country of residence may allow that card to be used for transactions with merchants outside the country, whereas another bank issuing the same card type may not.

And lastly, an issue that can arise with not only debit / pre-paid cards but also regular credit cards is if the cardholder is in one location (e.g. New York) and wishes to pay for a relative in another location (e.g. Washington state), depending on the card issuer, the difference in address of the two parties can cause an issue.

So unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly what the issue is, but we can confirm that it is not at our end. We are as set up as we can be.

Hopefully, if you are able to try another card, that should resolve the issue, or, in light of the above information, if you have a discussion with your bank / card issuer, it may be possible to pin-point the issue from their side.

And one last thought... if the issue is not with your card and you are still having difficulty paying (a rare scenario indeed), you may be experiencing a browser issue, in which case restarting your browser or trying a different browser may resolve the issue.