Can you really learn piano online without a teacher?

Yes, while there is no doubt that having a good traditional piano teacher can be helpful, the fact is you can teach yourself piano / keyboard very effectively with Musiah.

In all honesty, the only people who will tell you you need a piano teacher are usually piano teachers themselves because they have a vested interest in advising you accordingly. But it’s just not true.

There are of course many piano learning apps and online piano lessons that do not teach effectively, but with Musiah, you will learn how to play piano properly and you’ll learn up to 16 times faster than with a traditional teacher.

So, just to be clear, Musiah is a standalone piano learning app and students using the program will receive all the benefits of traditional piano lessons without needing the assistance of a private piano teacher.

The A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) component of Musiah means you receive quality instruction and responsive experienced assistance as if Mr Hogan (Musiah Inventor) were teaching you personally.

However, while it is not at all necessary, if your personal preference is to learn piano from a live teacher in addition to your Musiah lessons, that is also a perfectly viable option.

For some students, having a live teacher they see every week (or even every few weeks) may help to keep them accountable as they will be expected to achieve a certain amount of progress before their next lesson with their live teacher.