Why is it important to learn music theory?

Learning music theory helps you to read the notes and chords on the sheet music and helps you understand the music which in turn helps you gain the skills to be able to learn to play all your favorite piano songs.

Understanding music theory is also a great foundation for helping you develop skills in other areas of music such as improvising, playing by ear, composing, arranging, and even singing.

Musiah piano lessons also teach all the required theory in a gradual and natural way as you progress through the course.

However, there’s nothing worse than long, boring explanations.

So, as you learn to play piano with Musiah, through smart teaching techniques, all essential music theory is slipped into the lessons surreptitiously (I promise you’ll barely notice it — but it is there). So you’ll be learning music theory while still being engaged in learning songs and playing the piano.

As Matt C, a Musiah student from Bulleen VIC, Australia writes in his Musiah review…

"As a former professional musician myself, one of the things I appreciate the most about Musiah, is its very heavy focus on quality Music Theory, which is so essential and presents in such a way that children are generally only vaguely aware that they are learning theory - it's all just fun for them.

Keyboard instruction, skill development and music theory in a fun format - who would have thought that was possible? Clearly, Brendan Hogan; well done!"

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Plus, in the Musiah Games Area, there are special sections of games dedicated to

Note reading / sight reading are among the most fundamental aspects of music theory. So these games are great way to work on building your skills in these areas.