Why choose Musiah as my piano teacher?

As your A.I. piano teacher, Musiah is with you 24/7. Imagine how much more effective your practice time would be if your teacher could sit next to you at every single moment... Well, with Musiah, that’s what you get.

In the words of music maestro John Foreman (Musical Director of Australian Idol 2003-2008 and Musical Director of Young talent Time): "Musiah is absolutely the best value, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano".

Available 24/7, Musiah will be with you every step of the way as you learn a diverse range of pieces from classical to folk music, jazz and contemporary dance styles seamlessly presented in a never-before-seen environment so the lessons look and feels like fun, but you're really learning, progressing and achieving at the best possible pace for you.

One of the big challenges with traditional piano lessons is that you usually only see your teacher for half an hour, once a week. Then, you are left to your own devices, completely unsupported until the next week.

This often leads to songs being learned incorrectly which means, when you go back to your live teacher, instead of progressing and learning new songs, much of the time has to be spent re-learning things and correcting the way they have been practiced.

By contrast, Musiah is with at every moment of your journey so your practice time will be way more effective. And this is a large part of why Musiah students learn how to play piano up to 16 times faster than students learning the same material with a live teacher – and they have a lot more fun while learning.

Plus, learning piano with Musiah will save you a fortune compared to the cost of traditional lessons.

With Musiah, you can learn how to play piano any time of day or night that suits you – and you don’t have to travel to see a teacher. You just sit down at your keyboard and learn!