What is The Musiah Story?

While Musiah is just as suitable for adults as for kids, to make the lessons fun for our younger students, by selecting an optional 'story' mode, lessons take place within the context of an adventure story.

Set in the year 4015, the piano student is one of the few surviving humans in the galaxy and with the galaxy under threat from a race of invading machines known as the Atonals, the student (you) must save the galaxy from imminent destruction.

The student, along with other characters, is on a quest to help legendary pianist and renowned piano teacher Musiah Anthemius Felc, the last of the Musiah, save the galaxy by unlocking the Lost Song which is hidden within the pages of an ancient musical textbook.

By unlocking the Lost Song the student will become the next Musiah and reveal a profound mystery which will enable them to repel the Atonals and save the galaxy.

The word "Musiah" means a musician of great and rare musical ability, one whose gift is so strong that it is often accompanied by special powers and great wisdom. A person who has achieved the rank of Musiah is referred to as "Musiah", much like one would address a professor as "professor".

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