What ages is Musiah suitable for... can adults learn piano with Musiah?

Musiah piano lessons are ideal for adults (around 70% of our students are adults) and also kids from age 7.

Musiah is mainly for piano beginners or relative beginners.

That said, it may also suit some advanced students, particularly those returning to piano lessons after a long break who are seeking to refresh their skills.

So, most definitely, yes, adults can learn how to play piano with Musiah. And kids can learn too.

Interestingly, there is a common misperception that kids supposedly learn piano quicker or more easily than adults but this is just a myth that unfortunately often discourages adults from taking up learn to play piano.

In fact, as an adult, you have several key advantages over kids when it comes to learning piano.

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*While most students at age 7 are able to comfortably use/learn with Musiah, it should be understood that children develop at different rates, so a small percentage of 7 year olds may not be quite ready to begin learning piano/keyboard (with Musiah or any other piano/keyboard teacher).

**Sometimes mature adults ask, "Am I too old to learn piano with Musiah?" As Musiah is a software-based learning environment, you will need to be able to comfortably navigate around your own computer or iPad. As long as you have a basic level of computer or iPad skills, age is no barrier. As a rough guide, if you know how to send an email with an attachment, you have the necessary technical skills to learn and thrive with Musiah.