Download Issues

If you are currently experiencing a download issue, please bear in mind that there are many factors beyond our control that can potentially cause download issues, e.g. issues on your computer / network issues, viruses, etc.

As a place to start, please check that your computer / iPad;

If yes, the next thing to do is disable your anti-virus (if applicable), then try downloading  again.

If at any stage, the download seems to have slowed down or seems to be taking an unusually long time, check that your internet connection is not being "shaped" by visiting and clicking "Begin Test". If your download speed is really low, say somewhere around 0.1Mbps or 0.2Mbps, your internet connection is definitely being shaped, which usually means you have exceeded the download limit on your plan. Your download speed will usually return to normal at the commencement of your next ISP billing cycle.

If you are attempting to download the Musiah software from within a school, university or large corporation, there may be a proxy server involved. The Musiah software will attempt to use your default credentials for the proxy server details which will work in most cases. But if the download is not working for you at a school, university or large corporation, try downloading it at home.

If you are using a university or college computer and you are having difficulty downloading the software off-campus (e.g. at home), you may need to download and install the software on campus.

If the issue does not appear to be related to any of the above factors, you may need to engage a local computer technician as download issues are almost never caused by either the Musiah application or our web server.

That said, we remain more than willing to assist you in any way we can.