How to calibrate your mouse to reduce latency

Mouse latency is the slight delay between when you click the mouse button and the time it registers on the screen.

To be able to tap rhythms in time with a beat using your mouse, it is necessary to calibrate the mouse on some computers, especially laptops as they are usually calibrated to suit the tracking pad as opposed to a normal wired mouse.

Please note: Laptop tracking pads are not suitable for use with Musiah. Wireless mice, even after calibration, are prone to latency issues and are therefore not recommended. We recommend that you always use a wired mouse with Musiah.

Alternatively, if you have a touchscreen, this is great for tapping rhythms, etc. Ditto for iPads.

TIP: Alternatively, using the keyboard shortcut [UpArrow] to tap rhythms in your Musiah lessons is another potentially more user-friendly way to complete rhythm tapping exercises

That said, if you wish to calibrate your mouse...

Windows users:

In Windows 7

Go to Start > Control Panel > View Devices and
Printers > Right-click the Mouse icon and choose "Mouse settings".

In Windows XP/Vista

Go to Start > Control Panel > Double click the Mouse


Under the Buttons tab, adjust the "Double-click speed" as required. While the optimum settings will vary on each computer, we suggest trying about 100% (all the way to the right) for this setting.*

*When tapping a rhythm, each click is a single click, but if this "Double-click speed" setting is too slow, some rhythmic patterns may be misinterpreted by your PC as double-clicks.

Under the Pointer Options tab, adjust the speed of the "Motion" setting to suit your computer (usually around 75-100% is a reasonable setting), though again this will vary from computer to computer.

Also under the Pointer Options tab, check the "Enhance pointer precision" checkbox.

Please note: In some rare cases, it may be best to slow the mouse speed down. We have had a small number of customers with "skittery" mice for whom putting the above speed settings all the way to the left (i.e. 0%) worked best. Ultimately it comes down to what suits your computer/mouse.

I've calibrated my mouse and I'm still having difficulty tapping rhythms:

If you do have any further issues with your mouse, there is one more thing you could try... namely, plugging the mouse into a different USB port.

Drivers for USB devices are specifically associated with individual devices on specific USB ports, so there could be an issue with that particular USB port, or at least the mouse driver on that USB port.

When you plug it into a different USB port, the mouse driver will re-install. Then it would be interesting to unplug and replug the mouse into the same (new) USB port. If things are working normally, it shouldn't reinstall the mouse driver again.

Mac users:

Click the Apple Icon (top left of screen)>System Preferences>Mouse and adjust settings as per the above directions for Windows users.