How To Use A Sustain Pedal – A Free Piano Lesson by Musiah

In this free piano lesson by Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor, Brendan Hogan, you’ll learn:

Why a video on how to use a piano sustain pedal?

As we are very close to releasing our brand new library of optional extra pieces I thought it timely to create this video on how to use a piano sustain pedal correctly.

When I originally created the Musiah syllabus, I intentionally only included songs that did not require a sustain pedal for the following reasons…

Firstly, beginners don’t generally need to use the sustain pedal for quite some time, so there is no particular need to include pedalling in the lessons.

Secondly, not everyone who owns a MIDI keyboard also owns a sustain pedal, so I didn’t want create a situation were students might potentially require a pedal if they didn’t have one.

And thirdly, some sustain pedals are incompatible with certain makes & models of keyboard while others (e.g. some Roland pedals) have reverse polarity as their default setting which has the potential lead to confusion and, by extension, an increase in support issues.

So on balance, I decided to avoid introducing the pedal as part of the Musiah lesson syllabus.

However, now we are very close to releasing our brand new piano song library… and while most of the library songs do not require a sustain pedal, some of the more advanced library songs do.

So now it seems timely to provide this video on how to correctly use a sustain pedal (for those more advanced library songs that require a sustain pedal).

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the above video and find it helpful.

Happy pedalling!

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