Musiah Review: Incredible Value For Money

Jason P reviews Musiah online piano lessons

“It's like having a professional piano teacher with you all the time”

Having tried a few other online piano apps and courses I was a bit reluctant to try another app, but after reading so many glowing testimonies about Musiah I decided to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did!

I'm a composer in my early years still, but I've found that as I've progressed with Musiah, instead of drawing midi into my DAW (Digital audio station) I'm now playing it! This is saving me so much time, and gives greater confidence to reach my goal of being able to improvise on the piano, and sketch ideas for my compositions.

I've wanted to have a firm grasp of the piano ever since I started on my composing journey, and Musiah really is making this become a reality. It's very engaging, and I find myself improving at such a rapid pace.

I started Musiah in August last year, and now in April of this year I'm about to reach level 8! My children are also progressing and enjoying this invaluable method of teaching.

It's difficult to point out one particular benefit of Musiah, because there are a whole host of benefits - learning to sight read quickly, learning solid theory without slowing you down, so much fun to learn piano in this way, incredible value for money, and even though you don't have a live teacher present, it really does feel like you do with Musiah, so if you feel like you'll be left to work this out on your own; I can tell you from experience it's like having a professional piano teacher with you all the time.

I'm really looking forward to finishing this course and seeing how it continues to benefit my skills as a composer. But I also hope Brendan will add more levels to this course, or have another course for the next level, hint, hint.

Thank you so much Brendan for this amazing course!

Jason, UK


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