Musiah Review: Musician Family Recommends Musiah

Musiah Review: Family Of Musicians Highly Recommends Piano Lessons With Musiah"I would highly recommend Musiah, and we have... Thanks again for this great product."

We had never heard of Musiah before we tried it. All of our family members are musicians (guitar, drummer and singer) and we have each had training the traditional way, face to face lessons and being a member of a school ensemble/band. So, because Musiah was something we were not familiar with, we were not sure if it would be at the same level as we expected from traditional lessons. 

Once our daughter (Jordan, 9) started Musiah we were really surprised and impressed with her level of fluency and the amount of time it took her to grasp the concepts. She is learning music theory as well as learning to play the piano. She has learned the note names, key signatures, time signatures and tempo and she plays with both hands and knows chords. 

Because we are a family of musicians one of the best features that Musiah has is that when the students learn the songs, there is an accompaniment track that plays with them during the lesson and audition phase. Jordan is in elementary school and doesn't have the opportunity to play in a band until she reaches middle school - which will be two years from when she started Musiah. In most traditional lessons the students learn their "piece" but do not have the opportunity to play with others or play with a track. Being able to play your part in a song while others are playing a different part is invaluable. 

Other things we really like about Musiah are: it is student paced - so if Jordan is struggling with a song or concept, she can work on it and then come back to it on another day and master it. We also like that she can wear headphones with the keyboard and she isn't disturbed by all the other noise in the house.

We also like that she receives instant feedback on her playing whether she is doing well or if she needs to do that lesson again. It is wonderful that it is interactive and it states "You played it like this"... (it plays back to her what she just played) then it says "But this is what it should be like"... 

I would highly recommend Musiah

I would highly recommend Musiah, and we have. Not only does it save you the cost of driving to private lessons each week, let alone the time it takes to make the schedule, but Jordan can work on her piano more than one day per week. We try to have her do 30 minutes every other day or so. So she is actually getting to play more than if we took her to a once a week lesson. 

Jordan enjoys the story and every time she earns a new piece of the puzzle she gets excited and tells us. She can't wait to finish the song. At this point, Musiah has taught Jordan so much that she pulls out other music books and sits at our piano and plays songs. She also mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she knew the chords to the song we were singing at church. It was a contemporary song by Jesus Culture.

We are so pleased with Musiah and Jordan has completed her first year. We re-subscribed for a second year.

Thanks again for this great product. 

Neil, Tyanne, Alex & Jordan P - Marietta, Georgia, United States


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