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Tip: If you want really affordable, low cost piano lessons, we highly recommend Musiah’s popular online piano lessons.

Kids and adults everywhere are learning piano with Musiah’s online piano lessons because the quality of the lessons is so high, and the price so affordable that they really are the best value piano lessons anywhere (online or offline).

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How affordable are these piano lessons?

What one might consider “affordable” piano lessons varies depending on your budget and circumstances.

Perhaps the better question is: why have piano lessons become so unaffordable for many people?

Consider the costs of traditional piano lessons. First, there is the cost of the lessons themselves. Piano teachers charge around $1 a minute, sometimes up to $100 or more an hour, for each lesson you or your child takes. $100 a week is a lot to afford.

And if you are parent with more than one child learning piano, then you need to multiply the cost of the piano lessons for each student. Then, there is the cost of books. And make sure you don’t miss a lesson, or you might be charged anyway. Add to this the cost of travelling to the piano lessons. (Some students in remote areas cannot access a piano teacher at all.)

These are just the obvious costs. Consider also the opportunity costs. What else could you be doing with your time while travelling to and from a traditional piano lesson?

In light of all this, it’s little wonder people these days say that piano lessons are an unaffordable luxury that they, regrettably, must do without.

Introducing affordable piano lessons with Musiah

Fortunately, Musiah — a brand new invention — has made piano lessons affordable once again.

Musiah is the world's first A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) virtual piano teacher. Using the latest A.I. technology, Musiah responds to your playing just like a traditional teacher at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s look again at the costs of traditional piano lessons and compare them with the price of piano lessons online with Musiah.

First, Musiah piano lessons cost much less than traditional piano lessons. See our Lesson Prices page for more.

Compare this to $60–$100 per hour per week for traditional piano lessons.

Second, with a Musiah subscription, up to 6 members of your family can all learn with Musiah’s online piano lessons. This means, if there are multiple people in your family who would like to learn piano, there is no additional cost.

Third, all pieces in Musiah’s online piano lessons are included when you subscribe, so there are significant savings compared to the costs of sheet music normally associated with traditional piano lessons (plus the benefits to the environment that come from not needing printed sheet music).

Fourth, you can learn piano with Musiah at your own pace, at a time that suits you. You won’t be charged for missing a lesson!

Fifth, Musiah’s online piano lessons eliminate travel costs. You can learn piano in the comfort of your own home. And people in remote areas, unable to access traditional piano teachers, can now enjoy piano lessons too. Rather than wasting time travelling to and from traditional piano lessons, you can spend your time more productively — on work or leisure.

And there are no fixed-term contracts with Musiah’s online piano lessons. You’re not locked in for any set period. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like.

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What is the impact of Musiah’s affordable piano lessons?

Foreman New

John Foreman - celcbrity pianist

Don’t just take Musiah’s word for it; the potential impact of Musiah’s affordable piano lessons has got celebrity pianist and music maestro John Foreman excited, too: “I think it’s fantastic. I would encourage people to get online and be part of this … I think it is going to revolutionize the way people learn music”.

Musiah’s affordable piano lessons will have a profound effect on how students learn piano. Foreman says: “Musiah is addictive… It’s a bit like a computer game that kids might play… But instead of getting through the various levels by blowing up a planet or shooting things, you get to the next level by obtaining and mastering a piece of musical knowledge… Kids are going to be coming back to the keyboard and coming back to the computer because they want to get to the next level… I think it is going to have a profound effect on the way music is studied.”

And Musiah’s affordable piano lessons are not only great piano lessons for kids but also adults who might otherwise be too embarrassed to give learning a musical instrument a go. “For adults, … I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people… For those people… you can practise in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills… I think it is quite liberating because the whole world of music can be a bit of a mystery to people. [Musiah] kind of demystifies it in a way that is very accessible and lots of fun.”

Musiah’s affordable piano lessons have the potential to bring parents and children together. “There is always going to be a high level of engagement from the kid if there’s a parent sitting with them encouraging them and helping them. If parents are able to practise and learn… they will be able to help the kids with their music lessons as well. There are going to be a lot of adults who are enjoying the process of learning music [through Musiah] as well as the kids”, Foreman says.

Moreover, “affordable” piano lessons do not mean lesser quality piano lessons as Musiah is based on the best piano method.

A recent Online Piano Lesson Study put Musiah and traditional piano lessons to the test, head-to-head. The results? In their first few weeks of learning, students who learnt piano with Musiah learnt 5–8 times faster than with traditional piano lessons, with some students learning 10 times faster.

Since the above study, we have gathered more data and discovered that students taking Musiah's online piano lessons over a longer period of time actually learn up to 16 times faster.

To learn more about how this is possible, please view How To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster.

“You will be able to achieve in weeks or months what might normally takes years to do… I hope as a result of this we have many many more music makers in the years to come”, Foreman says.

Thousands of people have already enrolled in Musiah. And now your family budget can also include these affordable piano lessons with this important education breakthrough.

Everybody should have access to good quality music education. Musiah’s affordable piano lessons have finally made this possible.

To experience these fantastic lessons for yourself, why not take our Online Piano Lessons 14 FREE Day Trial.

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