Musiah Review: Musiah Piano Lessons Help Achieve Life-Long Dream

Jenny - student of Musiah online piano lessons

"I love Musiah and am so grateful you invented it, so thank you."

Jenny - student of Musiah online piano lessonsI would just like you to know what it means to me to finally find a way to achieve a life-long dream.  

I first touched a piano when I was 7 years old. My neighbor taught me to play Wooden Heart — an Elvis song. I was very shy and my parents could not afford a piano or lessons even if I could overcome my shyness and attend lessons, but the desire to learn to play was always there.

When I was in my 20 something I was given a very old iron frame piano and off I went for lessons but due to different things including a cracked frame (in the piano — not me), I gave up again.

In my forties, I tried three different teachers and another piano.

On my 60th birthday this year my husband bought me a beautiful upright piano.

I started trying to teach myself it was pretty hard going but I was determined not to be discouraged by yet another teacher.

Then, browsing the net looking for piano lessons online, I came across Musiah and this time I know I am going to succeed because it is perfect for me.

In fact, after looking through the Musiah web site for the first time, quite frankly I did not hesitate. I have been trying to learn piano for so long that I was really excited and felt this could be it — finally, a 24 hour a day teacher who did not make me feel silly and inadequate.

Once I started the lessons, I had no problems practicing each day as Musiah makes it fun and you are excited to see what is coming up next.  There is no pressure (which is a huge relief), no worrying that you have not done enough practice before you go along to your next lesson and make a dill of yourself because you are so nervous you cannot perform.

I like the way Musiah teaches you bit by bit and is very exacting with your timing as this is a very weak point for me.  And I like the fact that you have to get it right before you can move on as this gives you a real sense of achievement when you do get through (you cannot cheat).

With Musiah, everything is already laid out — you know what is ahead. You can preview songs you will achieve in future lessons (but you cannot start learning them until you get to that lesson). I also really like the practice area. Here you can go back and play songs you have already learnt and it makes you realize how far you have come.

I have confidence and enjoy the lessons and help is there 24 hours a day, and Musiah does not discriminate about age.

I am always recommending Musiah. I keep raving about it, and now I have two new families who want to join up to Musiah, and hopefully more will soon follow.

I love Musiah and so am grateful you invented it, so thank you.

Kind regards,

Jenny S - New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia


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