Musiah Review: Wonderful Piano Tuition

Musiah Review"A big thank you for wonderful music tuition... I continue to recommend you to people and sing your praises whenever I get the chance."

Re: Single stave view. Good afternoon Musiah music, I just wanted to say that I have been trying out the single stave view and must say I found it to be a great help visually.

When the keyboard is set up I am some way from my laptop and therefore this increased size had been most useful, great idea and so many thanks.

I continue to enjoy the story version, despite coming up to 53 years young and it makes me enjoy each lesson, I especially enjoy the little music parts after passing each audition.

I did try to learn via the standard way [pure mode] but found that to be much less interesting than the story version.

Not long until my work changes after which I hope to be able to up my practice and move forward rather than continually reminding myself of the previous work done.

It has been interesting to read updates from other mature learners and that despite some moving forward faster that they would recommend slowly but surely and learning the notes thoroughly as they go along, so at least I feel as if I am learning a way that in the future will be beneficial.

I am hoping that by the time that I get to the end of the story that you will have developed something for the next level of learners.

So a big thank you for wonderful music tuition that I look forward to and know will, in time, see me achieving my goal of being a reasonable keyboard player and able to read sheet music and play all types of music.

I continue to recommend you to people and sing your praises whenever I get the chance and would certainly recommend to someone with children as I could see them being keen to practice and move the story forward.

With best wishes,

Ann M - United Kingdom


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