Musiah Review: “It Is Literally Like Having A Teacher Sitting Next To You”

Musiah Lessons Review: It Is Literally Like Having A Piano Teacher Sitting Next To You

"The Feedback Is Fantastic... Literally Like Having A Teacher Sitting Next To You"

Musiah Piano Lessons Review: It Is Literally Like Having A Piano Teacher Sitting Next To You

Before taking up piano lessons with Musiah, my main obstacle was that I felt I would not succeed, and I didn't want to be in a class with children. I tried another program and found that I was learning to play by colour and I really wanted to play by notes. Crazy I know!

However, once I started learning with Musiah, I was absolutely delighted at the pace of the lessons. I felt I wasn't treated like a fool but I was undertaking something that I could succeed with. 

There is enough content to keep moving forward. But I did need a few weeks to get through the first level. As we age our brains know what to do but it sometimes takes a little time to convince parts of the body — the fingers. They aren't as co-operative as they used to be. I have seriously considered putting a splint on my left hand ring finger, as it gets excited and wants to play notes out of turn!

The opportunity to cross to practice during the lesson is helpful, as is the slider to regulate the speed. I love the theory that is throughout the lessons. When I play a piece incorrectly, I get to recite the notes so I have learnt their names. This is a great sense of achievement to me. I am on the way to being able to look at music and play it correctly. Little steps.

The Feedback Is Fantastic... Literally Like Having A Teacher Sitting Next To You

Of all the features of this program, this is the one I love to hate — The feedback after playing a piece is fantastic.

The feedback is probably the best feature of your program. It is literally like having a teacher sitting next to you and calmly explaining how to better perform a piece of music. "This note was played here when it should have been played here... These notes weren't played at all.” And I get loads of comments. BUT it makes me more determined to get it right. 

The best example one day was when my fingers got tangled up and so I decided not to finish the piece but to vent my frustration I ran my fingers up and down the keys. The comment at the end was something like "What happened?” then "believe in yourself.” I laughed and got over my frustration and proceeded to play the piece correctly. And it has been a great story to share.

Often after the comments I add my own - like "yes, yes I know" or “it is getting a bit better!” To play a piece through and have no comments has me cheering. Thank goodness we have no kids at home any more as I am sure they would think I am crazy. 

Other benefits of Musiah I really like are

Before I finished the first level I went back through the pieces to get 5 stars as that was the only way to get to the performance. I enjoyed the challenge of performing the pieces at a faster speed. Another feature I like is showing hands on the keyboard to perform a particular action.

Recently I showed your program to a friend who has 3 young children and she was interested as there is no travelling to a music teacher required. These days so many of us are time poor and being able to learn in your own home is a distinct advantage. 

I had actually started to look for a local piano teacher but felt reluctant to display my lack of knowledge. I now have piano lessons on my terms. No embarrassment when I misplay. I get a comment and I reply. I guess if anyone listened in, they would be in fits of laughter. But vocalising helps!

I started off in story mode but soon jumped out of there as it was too slow for me. Forever impatient - just wanting to get on. 

While I have only completed Level 1, I feel I have found a program that will teach me how to play the piano and teach me about rhythm. I am looking forward to continuing. 

Actually here is another bonus. I am a "grey nomad". We wander around in our caravan when there is free time. So I can stop for a few weeks and then come back and start up again. 

I would definitely recommend piano lessons with Musiah and have done so. It is a program you can use when it suits you. 


Adrienne N - Albany Creek QLD, Australia


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