Musiah Review: The Confidence To Play Piano & Learn Music

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"I really appreciate your fantastic service. Now I have more confidence to keep playing the piano and learning music."

I enrolled in Musiah, I thought I would not be able to read music sheets and terms. Next, I had a personal issue about listening to sound.

Now, I am able to read music sheets much easier and familiar with piano sound. So, it resolved my anxious state in front of my piano.

The feature I like most about the lessons with Musiah is that I didn't have to try to satisfy my real life teacher (emotional as a human being) who can sometimes discourage my passion when I make any mistakes.

Musiah was never be angry or disappointed with my performance and I could be able to focus on my goal.

The online connection is stable and it made my practice smooth even in my country South Korea.

About the lessons, Musiah guided me step by step as a beginner.

I loved the realistic vocal feedback throughout my lessons, then I could be able to concentrate on my playing.

Finally, the certification at each performance boosted my motivation to keep playing the piano. For example, when I passed a lesson or performance, it encouraged me with an exciting compliment.

I would definitely recommend this because Musiah understands students very well to make us confident music learners.

I never thought playing piano can be an important part of my daily life. Now, because of Musiah I became an even more passionate learner.

I actually have started learning piano to improve my hearing ability because I realized musical background in my brain can improve my language learning.

This was my first experiment to be a true bilingual by utilizing music. I am still trying to be fluent in English as an adult learner in my 30's. Please wish me good luck.

I used to upload my Musiah practice on my youtube channel and this was my last performance below.

Note: Hosam’s video features him speaking in Korean about his Musiah experience, plus he play’s one of the song’s he learned.

I finally passed all the lessons you provided. I really appreciate your fantastic service. Now I have more confidence to keep playing the piano and learning music. Thank you very much.

Hosam – South Korea


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