Musiah Review: These Piano Lessons Enriched My Life

smiling girl learning piano"Musiah has definitely enriched my life and has given me confidence with my piano playing."

Several years ago, I had tried to learn piano on my own using books, and I didn’t have much success beyond playing the melody of simple songs with the right hand. I also did not have much progress learning to read music.

Before starting Musiah, I was concerned that my weak left hand playing and poor note reading skills would keep me from progressing.

After beginning Musiah, I realized that my concerns were not going to be a problem.

The program did an excellent job teaching note reading from the beginning, and the games made it a fun and painless process.

Musiah also got me started playing with my left hand quickly. By the time I made it through the first level, I was very comfortable playing with both hands and for the first time, I was able to read the notes rather quickly, even on beginning piano music from other sources.

I was amazed at how fast I was able to progress in such a short time using the software.

The feature I most liked was the corrections the software gave me when I made mistakes during a lesson. I liked knowing exactly where my timing was off or which notes I had been playing incorrectly. Being able to try a section again and again until I mastered it was very helpful.

One of the benefits was that the program made learning piano fun. I liked auditioning the pieces to get more stars because it made learning seem like a game.

Another benefit is that the lessons were structured very well and reinforced what was already learned, as well as introduced new music theory concepts.

Finally, the online lessons were particularly appealing because they were inexpensive and fit in my busy schedule. I liked being able to practice at my own pace and not have to worry about commuting to lessons.

I highly recommend Musiah to anybody who wants to learn piano, especially those who have not had much progress learning using other methods.

The program’s well structured, is inexpensive, and has an interesting [optional] storyline that grabs your attention and motivates you to master each lesson.

Musiah has definitely enriched my life and has given me confidence with my piano playing.  

It’s only been less than two months, but I have been able to learn enough skills to play many pieces of sheet music that I have purchased, including songs I had great trouble with in my previous attempt at learning piano. I am looking forward to continuing through to the end.

Ashley D -  Milford, Ohio, United States


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