Musiah Review: Lessons That Really Help Build Your Piano Skills

Musiah Reviewer says these piano lessons really build your skills

"I have found Musiah to be a very good way to stay on track continually improving."

Musiah Reviewer says these lessons really build your piano skillsI have been using Musiah for about 7 1/2 months now, and am now on level 12, hoping to finish that level in the near future and work on the final level, level 13.

I have found Musiah to be a very good way to stay on track continually improving.

I have tried to teach myself piano on and off in the past, and find I skip over the basics too quickly, and then can't play the more advanced pieces I want to learn.

With Musiah, whilst it may have started a little too basic, it is easy to move through the early levels pretty quickly if you are not a complete beginner.

Very quickly I found myself having to practice to get pieces good enough to pass the auditions.

The thing I liked (in hindsight at least) was that you couldn't move on to higher levels without completing most of the songs in the level at a high standard at full tempo.

Being made to go back and really get to play some of the songs better I think really helps build your piano skills.

The rate at which the pieces get more difficult is challenging, but not so much that you get too frustrated and give up.

Whilst I am looking forward to finishing the Musiah course, I have enjoyed doing the course, and feel I have learned a lot from it, both in reading music, and particularly in building independence of the two hands.

Nathan G - Salisbury QLD, Australia


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