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"Very thorough lessons that cover all the necessary skills to become confident and competent at playing piano"

Prior to purchasing a membership for Musiah I had studied piano under a teacher for a few months about a year and a half ago, but discontinued my lessons, partly due to the time required for me to travel and the costs involved; besides this, my previous musical experience was approximately 12 years of playing guitar.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to continue my piano playing again, but as a 25 year old with a busy work schedule and little time to spare on the days I am working, I sought a computerised solution. 

The main attraction of Musiah for me was the prospect of having a piano teacher, ready at any time, to guide me through all the intricacies of learning to play piano.

I had tried learning from a book previously, but I wanted something that a book could not give: immediate feedback and discipline, in addition to a comprehensive, progressive course of instruction;  I can certainly say Musiah has fulfilled these expectations and more.

Musiah provides very thorough lessons that cover all the necessary skills required for someone to become confident and competent at playing piano, from scales and chords, to note reading and rhythmic drills. But above all, the most useful aspect, in my opinion, is the discipline Musiah enforces on your learning and playing.

If you’re learning from a book, it can be quite difficult to gauge your own performance, especially as your attention should be fully focused on the act of playing. However, with Musiah, every mistake, no matter how small, is scrutinised and you are provided with immediate feedback so you can correct faults in your playing right away.

I have to admit, this level of discipline can be quite challenging at times, but it is well, well worth sticking it out for the rewards you will reap.

At the end of each lesson you are given the opportunity to play the piece you have learned to an accompaniment.  This is one of my favorite things about Musiah, because the backing tracks are very enjoyable to play along to; clearly a lot of effort has gone into producing them as they feature good quality samples and instruments.

Moreover, Brendan’s customer service is something to be praised. His sustained encouragement via email after I complete each level (I am currently on Level 7 out of 13) has spurred me on, knowing that he’s there to assist me when necessary. 

In view of the above, I am confident in stating that you can be assured that the education Musiah provides will stand you in good stead to develop yourself along any direction on the piano. 

Tom H - Wirral, United Kingdom


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