Musiah Review — “I’m addicted to Musiah. It is superb!”

Musiah Review — I’m addicted to Musiah piano lessons. It is superb

"Musiah is very professional in educational content and presentation."

Before enrolling in these online piano lessons, my main concerns with Musiah and online learning programs generally was whether I could commit to the program and whether they would suit my own learning style.

I love music but do not feel that it is a natural talent; I know that I need a suitable teaching environment followed by the right amount of practice.

While I had tried some tuition, group lessons and self-learning before, committing the time to practice and having a clear goal was a real stumbling block to my progress. 

After some deliberation, I decided to try the free trial, and I must say I’m really glad I did. The program is structured and presented in an immersive way that makes me look forward to practicing. I cannot emphasise how important, for me, this is. If I don’t find practice enjoyable then I am less likely to do it.      

The main thing I like is the learning method, which trains the student in a graduated way breaking down and assisting with difficulties and then giving them clear challenges and assessment goals. This is a really important factor for me, it encourages me to play more without feeling like it is chore - on the contrary it is really fun.    

Musiah is very professional in educational content and presentation.  

An incredible amount of work has gone into the finer details of the package making it very immersive and fun. For example the synth sounds are very cool and it has a lot of contemporary beats and an outer space storyline. While these might sound like minor things, the overall effect is that I am able to immerse myself in the program and enjoy the challenge.

You can get tuition every day on areas you need to improve on, I feel this is assisting my progress much more than when I had other lessons as I do not have to wait for feedback. For example I have difficulties with timing however I feel that Musiah is quickly remedying this by giving immediate AI feedback and assistance, which has accelerated my progress at a rate I could not achieve with sheet music alone.

While I was initially skeptical of any claim that one system would assist me faster than another, I was definitely convinced once I started getting feedback from the program, it has assisted my weaknesses quickly, whereas, in group lessons it would be a week before I could get that feedback.  

Musiah also introduces theory in a practical and gradual way; so that you practice it within a song context which makes it much easier to remember than reading theory.       

Would I recommend Musiah? Definitely! It is a really complete course. It is very time and cost effective (i.e. I can get training anytime rather than waiting for a lesson).

A huge added bonus is the customer service, it is definitely exceptional for any online business I have encountered. Brendan (Musiah’s inventor) has directly answered any questions within a day. I am really impressed by this!    

I’m just really grateful and excited to have found a system that really works, and so I am definitely spreading the word!

I’m addicted to Musiah. It is superb!

Andrew R - Redfern NSW, Australia


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