Musiah Review Finds Musiah "A Blessing To The Whole World"

Musiah Review Finds Musias Piano Lessons A Blessing To The Whole World"A practical blessing to the whole world... and first class customer service - Simply Amazing!"

Musiah is an amazing revolutionary product that puts the piano within reach of everyone! It is incredible that now anyone can undertake piano lessons in the comfort and privacy of their own home (by themselves)!

This is not only a practical blessing to the whole world, but it also addresses as series of issues and essentially some significant barriers that prevent people from learning to play instruments or specifically the piano.

For example a few things that prevented me from playing the piano in high school was; fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, uncertainty about finding a good teacher, how long I will last, financial resources, cost of lessons, return on investment, the piano itself! The list just went on! However with Musiah all of these issues were addressed with a single high caliber product and first class customer service - Simply Amazing!

Not only is Musiah an amazing, cost effective, resource efficient, high quality product, but the user interface of the program exceeds expectations.

Upon opening the program it establishes a friendly environment in which piano students can study, practice and even feel welcomed in! The interface is easy and fun to navigate.

I believe that the entertaining story lines and characters (which you can opt out of]) also play a very significant role in engaging adults in learning piano.

Firstly on the surface level, it is highly engaging as students of all ages like ‘achievement and recognition’ (we like seeing things get done, ticking things off, earning reward points etc.) this is achieved through the story line and process of collecting stars to unlock pieces of the clavitrisk.

Secondly on a deeper level, the use of friendly animations, establishes an underlying sensation of ‘joy’ which makes the student feel at ease, a sense of (childhood) fun and playfulness.

This is astonishing, because it places the students in the most receptive state of learning. It allows students to not feel threatened or intimidated by a scholarly musical maestro sitting across the table from them (as would have traditionally been the case). So Musiah overcomes a huge barrier that holds a lot of people back from learning piano, especially in their later stages of life.

I would recommend Musiah without hesitation to anyone (and I have) who is even remotely considering learning the piano, because once you start with Musiah you will never look back.

Michael K - Watsonia VIC, Australia


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